Mastering Hairdressing Consultations

Mastering Hairdressing Consultations

Why are hairdressing consultations so important?

Before we delve into how to deliver the perfect hairdressing consultation, it is important to know why they are so integral to every appointment.

Well, to start with, although you can work magic on hair, you are unfortunately not telepathic. Every client has individual needs, so a hairdressing consultation is how you are going to pinpoint those needs before you action them. This will not only ensure you can work efficiently, but will guarantee you exceed your client’s expectations with those finer details.

On top of this, we all know a hairdresser is so much more than an expert with scissors. As a hairdresser, you need to be able to form connections on a personal level with your clients. A consultation will make your client feel at ease, and will allow you to build rapport and trust.

How to deliver the perfect hairdressing consultation

Now that you know why consultations are so important, we’ve put together the key steps that you should follow with every hairdressing consultation.

Greet your client

    If you have an appointment booked with a new client, remember that first impressions count. In fact, experts say it takes just 3 seconds for a person to decide whether they like you. So, make sure that you put on a big smile, attend to your client quickly and welcome them with a nice greeting. You might want to break the ice by complimenting them on something, or asking how their day has been.

    Even if you have a regular client, it is always crucial to greet them with your usual positivity. You never know when someone is having a bad day, so taking your time to make them feel welcome could be just what they need.

    Talk them through the consultation process

    This step is equally as important for returning clients as it is for new clients. Talking through the process, even if it is brief, will let your client know how you like to work and will most importantly put them at ease. 

    This is also a good opportunity to get them excited about their appointment and fill them with positivity.

    Ask questions

      Asking questions will likely be one of the longest yet most valuable parts of the consultation. You can really take your time here as it will be crucial to make sure you ask all the right questions. The aim is to build a bigger picture than just the appointment at hand. 

      If this is your first appointment with a client, then start by getting some background about your client’s hair. This might be what kind of services they have had recently, and what products they use on their hair regularly. 

      If they are a regular client, make sure to read your notes before they arrive so you can already recall their hair history. You might also want to ask if they have had anything done to it since their last appointment. 

      Then, get into the appointment details. This is where your expertise are really going to shine through, which will really impress the client. A client might have booked a balayage, but to you, you are creating a bespoke piece of art on their hair, so you’ll want to really delve deep into what they want. Asking if they have pictures is a great way to fully understand what they want.

      We have some great examples of questions to ask in our free downloadable guide to hairdressing consultations

      Create a plan of action

        Now comes the technical part of the consultation: the plan of action. You’ll want to map out the steps you are going to take to achieve their desired results, and what products you will need to use to do so. 

        You can talk through this with the client, as it will reassure them and will help them understand what you are doing at each point in the appointment. You can take any feedback they might have and ask them if they have any questions.

        Confirm the plan of action

          Once you have finished talking them through the plan, it’s time to get confirmation. It’s crucial to have 100% confidence between you and your client before you even begin to eliminate the chance of mix-ups.

          It can be easy to forget to run your co-workers through the plan of action as you’ll likely be raring to go, but taking the time to talk to anyone else involved in the process is always necessary, even if they play a small part in the end result. 

          You really want to take away any confusion from all parties to ensure smooth execution, after all, you probably have a busy schedule to stick to.

          Get started with the appointment

            Lastly, even once you get started with the hair service, you will still want to weave in elements of the consultation throughout the entire appointment. You can do this by talking your client through what you are doing as you work, and re-confirming parts of their service.

            As mentioned, you’ll also want to spend your appointment building rapport with the client. Take an interest in getting to know them, and also talk about yourself. By having that connection, along with an excellent service, your client will be bound to return.

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