Tips for salons and freelancers to become more sustainable

Tips for salons and freelancers to become more sustainable

We have to do more as an industry to become more sustainable and that's a huge passion for us at Leaf. So we have put together this series of tips to help make. your business more sustainable and can even save you or make you money. 


Turning the taps off when you don’t need to leave them running and think about how much time you take washing a clients hair. If you can reduce your washing time by even one minute per client it will make a huge difference in the long run of becoming more sustainable.

Use eco heads - this aesthetic and amazing showerhead is made from 100% recycled materials and awards you with double the water pressure whilst saving 65% of water. The anti-bacterial stones also help remove chlorine and reduces negative ions giving you cleaner and softer water. 


Mix up little and often as opposed to mixing large quantities just to throw away unused product at the end of a service.

Use innovative programmes such as VISH which weighs the colour that you're using and stores the information per client so you know exactly how much to mix up for the next service.


Check who your suppliers are and review your contract. Many energy suppliers are offering more and more renewable energy alternatives. So do some research and see what green energy is available for you.

Negotiating a better deal in the meantime will also save you money, and swapping to a green deal in turn will help the environment.  


We are proud to be partnered with with Green Salon Collective. A UK based company that recycles all types of salon waste even down to using hair to soak up oil spills. It is so easy to sign up and they collect all your waste for you so you don’t have to do a singe thing. 

Signing up to such a scheme can be used as a great marketing opportunity for your business to let all clients and potential clients know that you are an eco-friendly business. This can be a huge selling point especially with the massive increase in interest for sustainable businesses and alternatives. 


We're proud of what we’ve achieved, being the first sustainable scissor production brand in the world. 

We’ve planted over 60’000 Trees by ensuring that we plant at least 10 trees for every product sold in conjunction with our partners the eden reforestation project. We work with our partners, for example our scissor sharpening service to ensure that every time a scissor is sharpened we plant a tree.

All of our products come in fully recycled and recyclable packaging. 

For more information and assistance on becoming more sustainable get in contact with a member of our team through email or any of our socials @leafscissors.


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