LEAF Scissors has had an amazing few months.

We launched officially in August and have gone from strength to strength since we launched. I wanted to take a bit of time to tell you about the history of the brand, where we are now & plans for the future!

The idea for Leaf scissors first came to me just over a year ago. I saw that there was not a scissor brand in the market that had a sustainable aspect to their brand and I wondered if I could come up with something new and exciting that would give me the opportunity to not only build a new brand (Something I aspired to do anyway!) but also make a conscious impact on the industry and help in some way to make a difference to the environment. 

I'm a hairdresser myself so know the importance of having amazing scissors when cutting hair. I set about finding amazing high quality, Japanese steel scissors, which are hand made. This level of craftsmanship is so important to me as I believe that these scissors need to be of the highest quality and build to last.

After some trial and design changes (Including deciding that I wanted them to be black )I fell in love with the scissors straight and went about making our first ever order. I ordered enough I thought to last 6 months for a new business. (3 months later we were out of stock!)

I knew that I wanted to make a conscious effort to help the environment so I looked for a way to do so. I decided that planting trees is what I want to do. I researched and found ONE TREE PLANTED. 

ONE TREE PLANTED gave us a way of planting trees all over the world! we are so proud to plant 10 tress for every pair sold!

 I sourced high quality recycled packaging so that the scissors were in plastic free boxes and wrapping. As soon as I saw the logo on the box example, I knew I had made the right choice, The look and feel of the packaging led us to be inspired to do our scissor shoot (Who knew scissors could look so amazing.) We wanted plants and leafs to play a massive part in the look of the brand, & we were instantly in love with the photos of the product.


Once the website was built we were ready to go! We officially launched in August last year and have not looked back since!

Since the launch we have had some amazing successes already:

- We have been featured in a lot of our favourite industry magazines (One to watch in creative head, Product features in HJ and Tribute and an editorial article in professional hairdresser) Thanks to all of the teams at the magazine's!

- We have grown to over 700 social followers (Not bad for a few months)

- We have 3 ambassadors across the U.K. with a combined following of close to 100K! (We're looking for more next year too)

- We have signed up distributors in the U.K and in Greece and we are speaking to other countries in Europe now.

- We sold all of our opening stock twice as fast as expected! 

All in all a pretty amazing start for such a young brand! 

2020 brings with it some amazing new possibilities for LEAF. 

In January we are going to launch a new service and a new product!

- We are launching Klarna 'pay in 3' in the new year to help hairdressers spread the costs. This will allow you to spread the payments of scissors across 3 payments so that it does not cost so much in one go! 

- We are also going to in January launch our next scissor, The Black edition Thinning scissor! (Thanks for your insta feedback on what products you want.) keep and eye on our instagram for more details soon!

- We are also working on a truly exciting sustainable product for the hairdressing salons. We in 2020 want to help not just hairdressers but salon owners make a conscious difference to the world. more details on this exciting aspect to follow soon.


We really are grateful for all of the love and support we have seen from everyone this year!

We wish you all an amazing Christmas and a happy new year!

Best Wishes




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