Mental Health Downloadable

Mental Health Downloadable


We’ve chosen to put this document together for anyone who may be struggling themselves or those who wish to help their friends, family or colleagues who are struggling. 

 The story 

Mental health is hugely important to everyone at leaf and is a passion for us as a company to open the dialogue around mental health and hopefully assist people with coming to terms with managing their own mental health or providing resources to seek external help.

Meet Tane 

Hi, I’m Tane. I am very passionate about mental health and helping people become aware of the impact that our mental health has on us mfind ways to look after and improve their mental health. I have taken a Level 2 Certificate in Counselling skills and a Level 3 Certificate in Counselling studies, and now I am taking the Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, where I am training to be a qualified counsellor.

What you will gain?

A range of reasons and methods for recognising signs of mental health struggles

Offering assistance and solutions for when you may feel these ways.

Links and contact information for external resources where you can seek help or advice 


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