Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty

Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty


    Good for hair. Good for the planet. Salon quality formulas handcrafted with the highest level of natural origin using clean, sustainably-sourced ingredients in recyclable, bio-based packaging made from sugarcane. Contains the good stuff you want, nothing you don’t.

    Tea Tree Special 

    Ideal for all hair and skin types, the Tea Tree Special Collection features the famous Tingle Complex—a blend of tea tree, peppermint and lavender essential oils that leaves a cooling, “tingling” sensation on the skin. Discover an invigorating sensory experience with an array of products, including #1 best-selling Tea Tree Special Shampoo®, lightweight hair styling products, refreshing body care and more.

    Lavender Mint

    Ideal for coarse, curly and dry hair, the Tea Tree Lavender Mint Collection nourishes strands and helps fight frizz. Infused with hydrating ingredients, this hair care regimenprovides essential moisture to help tame waves, curls and coils, and leaves textured hair healthy and conditioned. Calming lavender and mint extracts put the mind at ease.

    Lemon Sage

    Ideal for fine, limp hair, the Tea Tree Lemon Sage Collection provides everyday invigoration and energizing volume all in one thickening hair care regimen. Revive lifeless locks with uplifting lemon, sage, cooling peppermint and natural tea tree.

    Special Colour

    Ideal for colour-treated hair, the Tea Tree Special Color Collection has Tea Tree’s signature tingle in a colour-preserving hair care regimen. Experience a blend of tea tree oil, cooling peppermint and rooibos extracts that leaves hair fresh, clean and full of vibrant luster.


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