A Few Words From Our Founder, Steve.

A Few Words From Our Founder, Steve.

Hi, I’m Steve, founder of Leaf Scissors. We know how busy this industry is, so we’re so pleased you have taken the time to come on over to our blog. It’s been a while since we gave you a little update, and with the launch of our new newsletter, I wanted to take the opportunity to personally connect. 

There are a few things that are really important to me in this world, and we have tried to consider this within everything we do at Leaf. Our company is not just about making you the best tools possible, but about introducing more ease into your life, be that through our products, or our education, or even the ability to rest assured that you made a more ethical choice today. We all have the ability to make a difference in this world, and that’s what we want to do for you, through our pillars of education, products and sustainability.

That’s why we wanted to bring you further into the fold of our brand through a curated monthly newsletter, with all our best offerings, content and more. We don’t want you to miss a thing. You can look forward to hearing more from the insiders of our business, the tools, techniques, as well as hearing more from us, what is happening at Leaf, new product launches, promotions and the list goes on. 

If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up to our newsletter, follow us on Instagram, and share us with your colleagues and friends who also work in the industry to be the first to hear about all things Leaf. And, all new sign ups get special access to our Black Friday discount, an offer which is truly not to be missed.

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