Why paper not foil is the future choice for highlights and Balayage!

Why paper not foil is the future choice for highlights and Balayage!

Here at Leaf we are always searching for products and tools to make the hairdressing industry more sustainable. We believe that we have found the future, sustainable alternative to hair foil! Exciting!!! 

Now, you ask, what's wrong with using foil?

Producing foil consumes about 1,400 gallons of gasoline and emits about 12 tons of greenhouse gases. It also takes up to 400 years to break down, making it one of the biggest contributor of waste in landfills.

An average of 2 kilometres of tin foil a month are being dumped all over the world by salons. This becomes an expensive price to pay for the environment, especially when waste disposal is a global crisis. As salon owners, we want success in our business, but how do we make it sustainable and earth-friendly?

What can we do about it? Are there better alternatives?

Paper not Foil not only can replace foil but also help save the environment.

It is made from 100% recycled industrial scraps and degrades. It is manufactured using a waterless technology that uses 96% less energy to produce than aluminium. Paper not foil is even better than hair foil because its chalk-like texture makes it easy to hold and contain hair.

No need to fold the sides so you can also save time in the application! Just glide smoothly to remove, no need for painful pulling or snagging! Cut it any way you want, just like foil and reuse for up to three times and save money. This amazing product is revolutionary. Instead of using non-biodegradable foil, now you have the option of using PAPER!

Be part of the solution and be pro-environment.

Salon stylists and owners have influence over their clients since they chat and share stories, opinions, and advice. That's why we can directly influence client's over social responsibility. Let's do our share in promoting the environment and help build a sustainable future. Not only can this method help you save money but it can also strengthen your brand identity as a salon with and for a cause.

Check out Paper not foil now in our store!


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