How to achieve amazing results with men's curly hair

How to achieve amazing results with men's curly hair

In our tutorial, available now on Leaf Academy, Charlie Gray renowned men's hairdresser and founder of Hair in Motion education creates a fashion-forward men's haircut on textured and curly hair. Below is some of his advice on how to achieve amazing results with Men's Curly Hair.

Working with interior and exterior shapes.

It is important to remember that cutting from the Interior removes weight and cutting from the exterior removes length.

Working with the exterior shape 

Whenever you get a client with textured or curly hair to discuss with them how much their hair bounces back after the hair is cut or when the hair is wet.

When working on the exterior shape it is often better to work fluidly with something like a razor. In this tutorial, Charlie uses the Leaf Razor, a favourite among barbers and men's hairdressers. The razor is a great tool for removing weight and excess length but not disrupting the curl pattern or texture.

A tip from Charlie: be aware that you may not need to take off the exact same amount from both sides. It is quite common that depending on the growth pattern or a previous haircut the two sides will not be completely symmetrical.

Working on the interior shape 

The interior shape requires a much more strategic approach which is why for this haircut the box sections were clipped up and reserved for later. 
Some of the best ways to remove weight and add movement and texture to the interior shape a to use methods such as elevation, sectioning and layering. 
For this cut, Charlie made it a focus to follow the natural, rounded shape of the head keeping with the loose and undone style and making sure the interior section married into the exterior shape.
One of the most important things you can do is make sure you refer back and take guides from the external shape to prevent too much separation.


Head on over to now to check out the tutorial.

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