The Modern Shag on Textured Hair

The Modern Shag on Textured Hair
The full tutorial for this look is available now on Leaf Academy, check out Ky Wilson creating a trendy, modern shag haircut on curly and textured hair.
Don't be scared of working with curly and textured hair. While allowances may need to be made for working on this hair type they are not as drastic or scary as you might at first believe.

Changing the technique to accommodate curly hair

Cutting with only a razor


Using a razor creates a softer effect as well as a more textured final result. A razor is also the best option when cutting curly hair into this sort of style as it can remove weight and add in some invisible layers without disrupting the curl pattern or creating too harsh a cut which can look too severe on curly hair. 

Using a razor also allows for much more freedom of movement and working visually which works well with this sort of style and can add to the loose, choppiness of the cut.

Allowing for spring back with the fringe and shorter layers

Everyone who's worked on curly/textured hair knows that the hair lengthens when it's wet, stretching out the curl and making the hair appear longer overall. However, a mistake commonly seen is that hairdressers don't allow enough 'wiggle room' for spring back. As the hair starts to dry the curl will tighten again and spring back up closer to the head. 

Ky recommends always cutting longer than you think you will need, this way it eliminates the risk of cutting the hair too short and as the hair starts to dry you will be able to see a more accurate representation of the curl and its length and make any adjustments as you see necessary. 

Caring for curly and textured hair

Using a diffuser. Curly hair is more prone to frizz than other hair types due to it being naturally dryer, using a diffuser when drying the hair will eliminate some of the frizz and allow the hair to dry in its most natural curl pattern. Another tip from Ky is not to use the hairdryer on too high a heat or speed and to only dry the hair 90% of the way and let the hair air dry naturally for the last part.

Using high moisture / hydrating products. As mentioned curly and textured hair is more prone to dryness and frizzing so make sure to use high moisturising products or products designed specifically for curly hair to promote the smoothest possible curl. 

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