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Is to produce and source the highest quality hairdressing tools whilst constantly looking for ways to make our business and industry more sustainable.


Ky Wilson

"If you are looking to upgrade or even buy your first pair of scissors, you won't be disappointed with these." 

- Ky Wilson

Danielle Garner

"I wanted to be a part of a brand that wholeheartedly had the ethics and values that I have. The tools are so precise and beautiful to work with and I cannot wait for the future with leaf and all the projects ahead."

- Danielle Garner

Charlie Grey

"So in every single direction that you think of it, it has a positive impact on your cutting and the planet"

- Charlie Grey



A More Sustainable Hair Industry

At Leaf Scissors, we are always looking for more ways to be more sustainable in the hair industry. We use 100% recyclable packaging and our collaboration with the Eden Reforestation project ensures we help the environment with every purchase. You’ll find us discussing sustainability and much more on our YouTube channel.


Holistic Education

At Leaf Scissors, we believe that there should be a holistic approach to hairdressing education. We want to create a space where a hairdresser can learn something every time, no matter the current experience. From hairdressing techniques to business advice, we believe that hairdressers should be exposed to everything in the industry.

Created for hairfressers

Steve is the founder and the heart of Leaf Scissors. It’s impossible to have a meeting with him without having a laugh. This is how he built Leaf Scissors:

“I have been a hairdresser now for 20 years. Starting off as an apprentice, I worked my way up to Art Director at Toni and Guy. After moving on to Headmasters UK, I became Head of Education and Talent Development, which sparked my passion for helping others flourish in the hair industry. I then decided to set up a consultancy, designed to help salon owners achieve their business ambitions.

I have always been driven towards making a positive impact on the planet and those around me. Accordingly, Leaf Scissors was born.

Having noticed that there were no scissor brands that actively made sustainability a core aspect of their business, I saw an opportunity to make a positive environmental impact on the hair industry. Alongside making a difference, I was also inspired by the businesses I worked with, and craved the challenge of starting my own brand.

Another goal for Leaf was to cater to all hairdressers; being left-handed myself, it took a long time to find the right pair of scissors. It is vital to use a tool which is designed to work best for you, especially to avoid inaccuracy and damage to the scissors.

More personally to me, Leaf Scissors allows me to be the best possible Dad to my 3 children, one of which has ASD, and a husband to my amazing wife, Jane, who supports me greatly. This was a driving factor for me to create a brand which not only positively impacts the planet, hairdressers and my team, but also my family. “


Trees Planted


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Weekly Hours In Nature

Mission Drive

At Leaf Scissors, we believe that there is room in the hair industry to be more environmentally conscious. Change is possible if each hairdresser individually, and hair salons collectively make more sustainable choices. Hair salon sustainability is a crucial step for the hair industry. Let’s all do our part.

For each pair of scissors we sell, we plant at least 10 trees. Our mission is to have planted 25,000 trees in 2021. We have worked closely with our sharpening supplier, who is also now planting a tree for every scissor sharpened! Additionally, our scissors are delivered to you in 100% recyclable packaging.


We pride ourselves on supplying high quality scissors to you. As a hairdresser, it is vital that you use high quality tools to complete your work to your highest standard. We have worked very hard to produce scissors that are designed to suit all hairdressers, with an ergonomic design to ensure ultimate comfort. Our Japanese steel hairdressing scissors are handmade, with longevity in mind.

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