3 Reasons to invest in the best professional hairdressing scissors set

Hairdressing Scissors Set

If you are a professional hairdresser or if you are starting a profession in the world of hairdressing and barbering in a salon, then you must know the importance of the role of having the best professional hairdressing scissors set, and overall, working tools and therefore the quality of these tools.  

The success of a professional in these fields consists, mostly, on giving advice and professional view about types of haircuts that could make sense according to the physiognomy and beauty of the clients and, moreover, executing them with great precision.  

This is why we help you discover why it is important to invest in a kit or set of professional hairdressing scissors for both left-handed and right-handed hairdressing and/or barbering professionals.  

There are various hairdressing scissors available on the market, but not all of them are suitable for the profession and for the use they will be put to, and not all of them are suitable for your hands considering the time you will spend using them. 

All these factors influence the decisions you make about which scissors to choose. You may start with scissors that are thinner and not of high quality and will break down quicker, maybe with scissors that need a lot of maintenance and/or scissors that lose their sharpness mid-cut.  

Investing in your set of professional hairdressing scissors should be a goal in your career and salon’s development. Having a good kit will ensure that you don’t waste time on things that could prevent you from practising your hair stylist/barber profession to a good standard.  

professional hairdressing scissors

Reasons to invest in a set of professional hairdressing scissors: 

  1. Quality: To start talking about the quality of hairdressing and barbering scissors, we must talk about the alloy, which is nothing more than talking about the raw material from which the scissor is made of, which is generally steel, but the quality of the steel cannot be seen with the naked eye. 

    One of the steels that stands out for its characteristics is the Japanese Hitachi steel, it is a high-end stainless steel with high hardness, good sharpness retention and high resistance to wear and corrosion. Its quality is marked by the Rockwell index, which determines the hardness or resistance of a material to being penetrated. The higher the Rockwell rating of the steel, the harder and better quality the blade of the scissors you choose. 

    Leaf Scissors has gone one step further with this steel and, in addition to the features it already has, has added titanium which gives its Black Edition line greater strength and longevity to the scissors themselves, and adds that characteristic black color to this range of hairdressing tools, making it more beautiful as well. 
  2. Precision: At this point the Rockwell index is very important and as we have seen, it determines the quality of the steel, the higher the degree of this index the harder and better quality the blade of the scissors will be, and also the sharper and the more resistant to corrosion and oxidation will be. 

    The blades of the Black Edition line of scissors have a high cutting precision when it comes to straight lines or cutting techniques, because the thickness of the scissors has been modified to work for this purpose. 

    On the other hand, the space between the teeth of the Black Edition texturising scissors is perfect to obtain the desired result, which is to control the density of the hair when cutting. These gaps allows the scissors to glide through the hair with extraordinary smoothness. 

    The latest tool in the Black Edition series is the Leaf Razor which, like the previous ones, has a precision cut both when it is used on wet or dry hair. Professional hairdressers and salon owners who already own one, highlight the razor's sharpness potential, which does not fade with use.  

  3. Ergonomics: Choosing professional scissors for their ergonomics is not a game, because as a hairdresser you spend hours with them in your hands, which causes problems for the wrist and arm with which you usually hold them.

    With Leaf Scissors cutting scissors you will feel how carefully the balance point has been selected, which makes them so light that you won’t notice the hours of work. The modification of the thickness that allows the thumb to work with precision helps to avoid arching the arm, thus eliminating strain on the wrist.

    Quality, precision and ergonomics are key to your work as a hairdresser or barber. You already know that the first one provides longevity of the tool, the second that the result of your cut is correct and adequate at all times, and the last one will ensure that you do not suffer discomfort or physical pain during or after your working day and that will gradually increase as the years go by.  

    Whether you are left or right-handed, there is a tool that will be adapted to you, so go on and dare to invest in a good set of professional hairdressing scissors. If you want to view other models of scissors, you can find them in this linkLeaf Scissors scissors have a superior quality and also, as their company values, they have an important focus on the sustainability of the planet. You can learn about their values and mission in this link 

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