Commercialising the Mullet

Commercialising the Mullet

In the tutorial, available now on Leaf Academy, Ky Wilson talks about his method of commercialising the mullet. 

The Mullet haircut has been one of the most popular trends in the last 2 years we’re going to talk you through the easiest ways to commercialise this style for when your clients ask for it in the salon

Using the Leaf Razor


Using a razor creates a softer, more textural appearance to the cut. Looseness and Softness are what makes this cut so popular and endearing and using a razor eliminates the risk of harsh lines or blunt cuts which would take away from the softness of this haircut

You can also use a razor to create invisible layers and movement.

Layering and removing weight

When creating this cut, you must remove any excess weight from the 'bangs'. Any weight left over can cause the hair to fall straight down when unstyled. Removing weight from the inside ensures the bangs flick out even after washing giving the style its classic look.

Cutting dry. In the tutorial you can see that Ky does not shy away from tweaking the cut and style after the hair has been blowdried. This is so he can properly assess the way the hair will sit and fall after it's been dried and make any necessary adjustments.

Using layers / texturising techniques removes weight from the entire head of hair helping you to avoid the disconnection between the fringe and longer hair. The whole aim of the mullet hair cut is that the bangs blend seamlessly into the longer back section. Layering and texturising can help you achieve this even while keeping the hair long in length. 

Styling and maintenance

One of the biggest struggles that clients have after going home from the Salon is maintaining and styling their cut. As a hairdresser, you can provide your clients with tips on how to maintain a style at home which in turn can create retail and revenue opportunities as well as referrals via word of mouth. 

Using heated tools - Adding a loose wave to the hair relates to the hairstyle's 70s / retro origins. Adding a wave or curl into the hair also adds to this s textural design but if working with heated tools always remember to use a good quality heat protectant.

Styling products - In the tutorial Ky uses a volumising mousse and thickening lotion, dry texture spray and shine spray. All of which add to the final outcome. Don't be afraid to recommend or talk your client through the process/reasoning behind the use of styling products, this all goes towards helping your client maintain their style at home and also can create an opportunity for you to make a retail commission. 

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