¿How hairdressing scissors are made?

 hairdressing scissors

If you're a hairdresser, you know how essential it is to have quality hairdressing scissors. But do you know how these scissors are made? Keep reading to learn more about the manufacturing of these tools, from the materials used to the production process.

The quality materials that make hairdressing scissors possible

Hairdressing scissors are manufactured using high durability and performance materials. That's why stainless steel is used, as it ensures that the scissor blades are corrosion-resistant and maintain their sharpness for a longer period of time.

Step-by-step production process

These tools go through a process consisting of several stages.

  1. The process begins by carefully selecting the most suitable type of steel for our scissors. Options include Japanese, German, Korean steel, among others.
  2. Once chosen, the steel is cut into bars of the appropriate size for the scissor blades.
  3. Next, the bars are heated and shaped using special techniques to achieve the desired blade structure.
  4. After the forging process is complete, the resulting blades undergo a tempering treatment to increase their hardness and strength.
  5. Following the hardening of the scissor blades, they are sharpened using specialized machinery or through the skilled manual work of expert craftsmen.
  6. Lastly, after the blades are sharpened, they are polished to eliminate any imperfections and achieve a smooth and glossy finish.

The fundamental parts of a hairdressing scissors are

A hairdressing scissors is composed of the following parts:

Blades: The blades are the main part of the scissors and are designed for cutting. Generally, they consist of two sharp blades at the ends.

Finger Rings: These are the rings located at the ends of the blades and are meant for the hairdresser's fingers. These rings are ergonomically designed to provide comfort and a secure grip during cutting.

Adjustment Screw: This is the mechanism that allows you to adjust the tension of the blades. The adjustment screw ensures that the blades open and close smoothly for precise cutting.

Stopper: It's a piece located between the finger rings and prevents the scissor blades from colliding or sliding beyond a certain point.

The Excellence of Japanese Hairdressing Scissors

It's important to note that when it comes to searching for the best hairdressing scissors, the excellence of Japanese scissors cannot be overlooked. These scissors stand out due to their meticulous craftsmanship and the perfect blend of tradition and advanced technology, as well as the steel they use, which is known for its hardness, wear resistance, and exceptional edge retention. The blades of Japanese scissors maintain their sharpness for longer periods, allowing for precise and smooth cutting with every use.

Moreover, Japanese hairdressing scissors are recognized for their ergonomic design and perfect balance. Japanese manufacturers strive to create scissors that comfortably fit the hairdresser's hand, reducing fatigue during extended working sessions. This ergonomic design ensures optimal control over the cut, enabling stylists to unleash their creativity.

Hairdressing scissors are essential tools for hair professionals, and their manufacturing requires a combination of quality materials, craftsmanship, and precision. From the selected materials to the production process, each step is undertaken with the goal of providing durable, sharp, and high-performance hairdressing scissors.

hairdressing scissors

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