Sarah's quick tips to a flawless balayage

Sarah's quick tips to a flawless balayage

    Sarah (SLK hair) is a bleach and blonde specialist with years of experience in the industry who can teach you everything you need to know about safe bleaching, balayage and creating the most popular trends for your clients in salon.

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    What is Balayage?

    "Balayage can mean very different things. But for me personally, it's about lightening the hair in areas where the sun would hit it. Creating a natural colour"

    1. Shampoo

    Using shampoo next to the root during a balayage creates a perfectly diffused line as the shampoo helps dilute the bleach and stops you from working too close to the root. (When using shampoo ensure you're using a stiff brush to better push the product up into the backcomb).

    2. Backcombing

    When creating a balayage you want the separation between the darker colour and the bleach to be as soft as possible. Backcombing the hair at the root will eliminate the risk of any streakiness or harsh lines. The Backcombing also ensures the sections are light and there isn't too much thickness which may cause some striping. 

    3. Blending

    The aim for a balayage is for it to look as sun-kissed and natural as possible, most of this e is achieved through your method of blending. Make sure you're not applying the bleach directly next to the shampoo so you allow yourself plenty of room for blending. Blending up into the product using your hands will be the best way to ensure a seamless blend. 

    4. Sectioning

    Never use a straight line when taking a section. Ensure you are taking a large weave from every main section. When sectioning it doesn't matter if the zig-zags aren't perfect as long as you are not sectioning in a straight line, this will ensure your bleach won't turn out stripy of the highlights too severe. 

    5. Personalisation

    When working around the face ensure you discuss with your client how they wear their parting on a day to day or how they prefer to style their hair at home and adjust accordingly so it suits them individually. Also, be aware of where the hair will be naturally highlighted, and remember that the aim of a balayage is to lighten only where the sun would naturally hit the hair.

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    • Maria

      Hi. Reat tutorial. Can you let me know what strength peroxide you used please. And what would you deem safe to use to get maximum lift on darker hair..
      Kind regards

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