Professional Hairdressing Scissors - A Guide To Using Texturising Scissors

Texturising Scissors From Leaf Scissors

Texturising scissors are a must-have tool for all hairstylists. Not only do they add volume and texture to your haircuts, but they can also work in the same way as thinning scissors. Here’s everything you need to know about texturising shears.

Texturising Shears vs Thinning Shears

How are texturising scissors different from thinning shears? In most cases they are the same but some hairdressers might argue that texturising scissors have fewer teeth with wider gaps to create texture, whereas thinning scissors have more teeth with less space between them to remove weight from the hair. 

However, both types of scissor can achieve similar results. Texturising scissors can also reduce thickness, and both scissors can be used to soften the edges of a haircut for a more seamless finish.

What Do Texturising Scissors Do?

Texturising scissors, as mentioned, have fewer teeth with wider gaps between them. This design ensures that they can remove more hair than thinning shears. However, the end result of the haircut has more volume, and the shape of the cut is enhanced with added texture. 

Texturising Scissors Haircut with Leaf Scissors

As with most hairdressing tools, texturising scissors can be used in different ways to achieve different results. If you use them in a similar way to thinning scissors, they can be a useful way to work on really thick hair. You can learn how to thin hair on our previous blog post, which you can find here

How To Use Texturising Scissors

An important first step to cutting hair with texturising scissors is to make sure the hair is completely dry. This ensures you can see how the hair naturally falls as you cut. The hair should also be cut into the desired shape and length.

You are now ready to start cutting. Working in sections, take the ends of the hair between your fingers and make a cut. Be conscious that the more cuts you make, the more hair you will remove from the ends. 

For an in-depth look into cutting men’s hair, you can see how our ambassador, Charlie Gray, uses our Black Edition Texturising Scissor:


What Hair Types Can Texturising Scissors Be Used On?

Texturising scissors are ideal for thick hair. If used correctly, texturising scissors can also be used on fine hair without removing unwanted amounts of hair. Take your scissors and cut very close to the ends of the hair. This will add texture without removing too much weight.

Be mindful when working on curly hair with texturising scissors. Removing too much hair on a curly head can damage the natural curl pattern and cause frizz. Generally, curly hair - especially coils - already have a lot of texture and volume. But if you decide to use texturising scissors on curly hair, keep them close to the ends, and don’t over-do it!

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