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How Living Seasonally Will Change Your Life
Our founder Steve has approached developing Leaf through living in touch with the seasons, whether through mimicking the patterns nature follows, as well as considering how the seasons affect us all individually. Seasonal Affective Disorder affects around 2 million people living in the UK, and conversations surrounding mental wellbeing have also become increasingly normalised, giving rise to new ways of living. Seasons change and living in tune with them instead of against them can improve our wellbeing. 
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A Few Words From Our Founder, Steve.
There are a few things that are really important to me in this world, and we have tried to consider this within everything we do at Leaf. Our company is not just about making you the best tools possible, but about introducing more ease into your life, be that through our products, or our education, or even the ability to rest assured that you made a more ethical choice today.
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