Bangs, Bangs, Bangs!

Bangs, Bangs, Bangs!

Cutting Your Locks Post Lockdown

If you're looking to give the hair a fresh look after coming out of lockdown without compromising the length you've grown over the Corona hibernation, look no further than cutting those bangs. From subtle face-framing to full-on curtain bangs, I will discuss 2 types of fringes that will help change up your look while still looking stylish.

Shaggy 70s Bangs 

70s Shaggy Bangs Leaf Scissors

When cutting 70s bangs a là Stevie Nicks you have to go at it quite visually and remember points of the face you want to accent eyes, cheekbones and jawline. This style works with most cuts! It's great paired with a shaggy layered hairstyle, or if you want to rock chick up a simple one-length cut. It allows the hair to look great even when it's put up, allowing pieces to fall really helping to frame the face.

When cutting, imagine tramlines starting at the recess of the hair or the peak to the end of the eyebrows going parallel back and remembering to never go below this, staying in between the sections.

Part this down the middle and your first cutting section should be a right-angled triangle in the centre. Then, taking even sections on both sides of the parting, cut the hair straight down with no elevation.This allows you to see exactly where each section will fall.

This first cut is the most important in regards to shape as it will define where the flow of the bangs will come from, you can start it at the eyebrows for a full-on look, I tend to never start it longer than the cheekbone but you could go a bit longer if you aren't as daring.

Then follow the same triangle sections going back and cutting straight down. The width of the sections is totally up to you, and you can go smaller if you want a softer look. Or, go larger if you want a really choppy, snagged look. 

It's important that with the length of every section you take back, you leave the same length when you cut. Do not follow the guide on this one as you are cutting this freehand and the guide is your eyes.

Keep going back until there is no length to cut. This will be quite far back with a long one length but not too far back for a layered style. This allows the fringe to fall into the haircut and blend nicely. 

If the hair is a little thicker or very straight I would recommend afterwards bringing the hair straight up and point cutting it just to help soften it up and slightly texture the ends. Style this roughly, possibly with a diffuser, letting the natural texture do its thing. Use a salt spray and loosely wrap the tongs around it if needs be, but refrain from holding it on too long. Less is more!

Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs by Oliver Amidio
Source: @annabelnugent on Instagram

Think less Ritchie from 5ive and think more Dakota Johnson, Camilla Cabello or Jameela Jamil. 

Firstly decide where you want the length to sit. You can take it from above the eyebrow all the way down to the jawline depending on what you are initially comfortable with.

Keep the hair nice and wet, part the hair in the middle and similarly to the sectioning of the 70s bangs, we will be working with right-angled triangle sections. Start at between the peak to the end of the eyebrows depending on how thick you want to cut, but remember to not take it any further. Now you're left with a large triangle section at the top. Section away or put up the rest of the hair.

Part your triangle section down the middle to split the section in two, and taking one side over the opposite side of the face, cut parallel to the part. Depending on the thickness, you may be able to do this in one section, but if it is a lot, take it in two or three sections.

Repeat the same for the other side and let the bangs fall naturally. Once you are happy with the length, start styling.

Take each of the two sections, and depending on the length, use an appropriate sized round brush and hairdryer. Blow-dry the hair forward and toward the opposite side where you want the hair to fall.

If the hair feels a little too chunky, then bring each section straight up and point cut deeply until it softens the ends, allowing it to fall effortlessly around the face. 

To see some more inspiring post Lockdown haircuts, check out Oliver's Instagram page: @oliverdrama.

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