Different Types of Scissors for Hair Cutting

Different Types of Scissors for Hair Cutting

When deciding which professional hairdressing scissors to buy for your kit, it can be a confusing experience for new hairdressers trying to master the art of haircutting. With so many tools available, you're bombarded with options for hairdressing scissors that you may or may not require.

Barber scissors and shears are available in various styles, techniques, and comfort levels. Barbers should take the time to learn about the multiple types of barber scissors and shears to make the best investment for their needs.

What should you know about hair shears?

Hairdressing scissors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they can be divided into two categories: hair cutting shears and thinning shears.

Haircutting shears, as the name implies, are used to cut hair, whereas thinning shears are used to thin out thick hair. Thinning shears have teeth on one blade that help to thin out the hair without drastically shortening it.

Scissors for haidressing

Experts have learned what type of hairdressing scissors are required for a hairdresser through years of experience and knowledge of the hair industry. With our guide to the hairdressing tools you need in your kit, there's no need to be misled by clever marketing!

Scissors with wider teeth

Thinner scissors with fewer teeth are an absolute must-have in your toolkit. These hair thinners are intended to thin out large chunks of hair. The thinning scissors' small number of teeth allows for a more significant percentage of hair to be cut with each snip. This will save you precious and valuable time and effort when dealing with clients with thick or coarse hair.

hairdressing scissors

Scissors with a short blade

It is critical to consider the length of the blades when purchasing professional hairdressing scissors. Hairstylists with smaller hands can easily use short-bladed cutting scissors because they are lighter and provide better control, reducing hand fatigue.

For most hair techniques, cutters with 4 to 5.5-inch blades are ideal. 

Barbering scissors with long blades

Barbering techniques like scissors over the comb require the scissor to cover a larger surface area of hair in order to cut it all off in a single snip. A scissor's long blades ensure that the cutting line is straight and not crooked. For blunt-cutting techniques requiring straight-cutting lines, we recommend barbering scissors 6 to 7 inches long.

Scissors with opposing handles

Traditional scissors with symmetrical handles and opposing rings are known as fighting handle scissors. Because their design places the finger rings across each other, these scissors have poor ergonomics.

As a result, a stylist with an opposing grip will have to raise his elbows horizontally to perform different styling techniques, putting a strain on the shoulder. The primary goal of creating this handle was to provide leverage. It does, however, provide maximum power while reducing ergonomics.

Aside from that, when it comes to benefits, the only shear that can benefit from an opposing symmetrical grip is a professional blending shear.

Scissors for blending/texturizing

When thinning out hair with a regular pair of cutting scissors, it's easy to go overboard and cut more than you intended. To avoid this, you should include a thinner with many teeth in your kit. The texturizing scissors multiple teeth thin out hair gradually without removing too much at once. When texturizing fine hair, you will have more control and precision.

Swivel scissors

Long hours at the salon can put a lot of strain on your wrists and hands. Adding swivel scissors to your arsenal can be a great way to relieve pain in your hands. Regular hairdressing scissors can trap your thumb in one position, which can be painful. 

Swivel scissors have a rotating thumb ring that provides flexibility when handling and controlling them. Because of the swiveling thumb ring, they also accommodate your natural hand movements. This will make your haircutting experience less painful and more comfortable.

Scissors with an offset handle

Offset handle scissors are also popular because they allow you to cut quickly and comfortably. They have a more extended finger handle and a short thumb handle. Because traditional scissors and shears put a lot of strain on the thumb, offset handle scissors were developed to make cutting easier for stylists.

Shorter thumbs reduce strain on the thumb tendon, lowering the risk of CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). Though the barber must still raise the elbow to cut different areas, the medium ergonomic design makes the cutting much more convenient. This design prevents your hand from being forced into an unnatural position, reducing wrist strain.

Thumb set forward

The forward set thumb is a newer version of the crane handle, also known as an extended crane. This design is intended for professional hairdressers, and the thumb is very short. 

This places the thumb in a balanced position around the index finger. It puts the hand at rest, which helps to reduce stress in the arm and the hand as a whole.

Wrapping it up

You must be familiar with various scissors in order to become a better barber and improve your hairdressing skills.

As you are aware, not all hairdressing scissors are created equal, and it is critical to select the proper type of scissors to perform the hairdressing properly. Hairdressing is a demanding profession that requires both skills and knowledge to master.

Aside from that, you must have the necessary tools to provide your customers with the desired hairstyles. Each hairdressing scissor serves a different purpose, and the quality of the cut is also affected by the type of scissors used.


At Leaf Scissors, we take pride in being part of the success of professional hairdressers. We not only provide scissors designed by and for professionals but also commit to offering valuable resources and knowledge to boost your business. We hope this content has inspired you and helped you achieve your professional goals. We will continue to share valuable information to reinforce your presence in the beauty sector.

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