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The Black edition is a premium hairdressing Scissor designed to suit all hairdressers no matter their level of experience.

The Pure Steel Scissor

The Pure Steel is a premium, hand-crafted hairdressing scissor designed to suit all, no matter their level of experience.

Our Mission

Leaf’s mission is to produce and source the highest quality hairdressing tools whilst constantly looking for ways to make our business and industry more sustainable.

We offer the world's first sustainable scissor, designed and hand made for sustainability conscious Hairdressers. Leaf is proud to plant at least 10 trees for every scissor sold.

Help us reach our goal of planting 1 million trees by 2025

Elevate your toolkit without the upfront cost.

Join our subscription offer and ensure you're always equipped with the latest, sustainable and hand-crafted scissors for all hair professionals.
Created for hairdressers by hairdressers

Leaf was founded in 2019 by London based hairdresser Stephen McManus. Leaf's mission is to provide high quality hairdresing tools, whilst having a positive impact on the environment and the hairdressing industry.

Leaf has grown into a global brand and is now focused on planting 1 million trees by 2025, and helping the hair industry to develop via amazing tools, products and education.

The Complete Black Edition set
The Complete Black Edition set
The Complete Black Edition set

The Complete Black Edition set

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Leaf Swivel Scissor

Leaf Swivel Scissor

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Experience greater precision, comfort, and versatility with the Leaf Swivel Scissor. Crafted from VG10 steel, it ensures razor-sharp cuts every time. Its swivel thumb technology reduces strain and improves user posture, while its design is ideal for intricate styles that require better control and creativity. Plus, for every purchase, 10 trees are planted!

Leaf 'Black Edition' Razor

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What our Ambassadors and influencers say about us


I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of the leaf brand, where innovation and quality craftsmanship come together. It's a privilege to contribute to a company that values precision and nature. 🙏🏻🍃

Jay Fades

Owner of /tālərd/ Educator for Hair in Motion


So in every single direction you think of it, it has a positive impact on your cutting and on the environment.

Charlie Gray

Founder, Hair In Motion Education


If you are looking to upgrade or even buy your first pair of scissors, you won't be disappointed with these.

Ky Wilson

Founder, The Social