Professional Scissor Sharpening Service

Do you want to get the most out of your scissors and make them last longer? Then we recommend sharpening them regularly.  

To make this as easy as possible for you, we're collaborating with our partner prosharp.

Where can I get my hairdressing scissors sharpened?

To ensure your Leaf scissors are maintained in tip top condition, send them to our recommended sharpening & servicing partner: Prosharp Sharpening Service. Resharpen, reuse and recycle it is what they do, and they have been doing it for over 20 years.

To support LEAF's mission, Prosharp will plant a tree for every order they receive.

All types of scissors can be serviced and sharpened. After serving the hair industry since 1997 Prosharp can give this guarantee…

"100% total satisfaction without question or your money back."

Regular servicing extends the life of your scissors, keeps them a joy to use and enables you to be creative and inspired by your work. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are reducing your carbon footprint.

Leaf scissors hair scissor sharpening service

How often should hairdressing scissors be sharpened?

It is recommended that if you cut between six and eight clients with wet hair a day using Japanese steel / convex edged scissors, they should be serviced every six months. If you do the same numbers but cut dry hair, you should service every four months. It soon adds up. We recommend servicing 6 monthly or as soon as damage occurs.

How do I tell if they need sharpening/Servicing?

Wondering how to tell if scissors are sharp? If you notice any of the following then it's worth getting in touch:

  •     Pulling hair
  •     Not slicing or cutting
  •     Will not balance
  •     Folding hair at the tips
  •     Tired aching hands

We would recommend that you first check the tension of the scissors, to ensure this is correct.

Is There a test I can do to check if the scissors are due a service/sharpening?

The Test:

  1.     Take a single sheet of toilet tissue
  2.     Separate the two halves
  3.     Take one of the halves and wet it
  4.     Hold it in one hand and try to cut it

Sharp scissors cut and slice. Blunt scissors tear or fold the tissue. Sharpening and servicing is now due to prolong the life of your scissor. It is not a good idea to cut paper with your scissors because it blunts them, but if you are testing because you are worried about sharpness it is probably time for a service anyway.

Can you tell me more about the sharpening/Servicing process?

So how do we sharpen scissors? The Scissors are dismantled, cleaned, inspected & tested for defects and damage. Then sharpened and hand honed using a combination of modern and traditional methods. The best equipment, professional abrasives and polishing compounds are used throughout this process. Blades are then reset, and any parts replaced if needed. They are reassembled oiled balanced and tested again for perfect function before dispatch back to you.

How do you keep your scissors sharp?

It is inevitable that your scissors will become blunt with regular use. However, there are ways to ensure longevity between sharpening services, and further prolong the life of your hair cutting scissors:

  • Keep your scissors clean. This means wiping the scissors down with a cloth between every cut, and deep cleaning regularly.
  • Store your scissors, preferably in a protective case, with the blades closed to prevent scratches.
  • Lubricate your scissors with oil daily on the pivots. This prevents hair or dirt getting caught in the screw.

How much does it cost to sharpen hairdressing scissors?

All the prices below are inclusive of signed return post and VAT.

Any make or type of blade:- includes all thinners - left handed & re-serrations as required.


  • One scissor£25
  • Two scissors £20 each
  • Three or more £18 each
  • Ceramic scissors any make type or amount £25 each.
  • Clipper blades include with your scissors £9 per set.

Prices include VAT & Free post Royal Mail signed for return delivery to your chosen address.

How do I pay for this service?

Please send your scissors with your contact details and we will bill you before return for online payment using Paypal or bank transfer


Send them with a cheque or postal order made payable to Prosharp or pay online before sending - your choice.

How can I send the scissors to you to be serviced?

You can send them for Free! Download and print the label below to send via Royal Mail 1st Class confirmed return delivery.

If you require compensation in case of loss above £50 please add the special delivery cost to sharpening price. (Might be a good idea if they are expensive or a lot of scissors?)

If you decide to send via special delivery then here are your price options and details of level of cover:

Special Delivery Prices.

Compensation in case of loss or damage with Royal Mail Special delivery

New Column New Column New Column New Column

Scissor Amount

To £500

To £1000

To £2500

1 or 2 scissors




3 to 12 Up to 500g weight




You can use your Free post envelope with special delivery, just take it to the post office and pay the extra. Pack securely and please ensure tips do not pierce the packing.

Send with your postage details to :-

Prosharp Sharpening & Sales

29 Prospect Place

Hayle Cornwall TR27 4LU