3 reasons to choose high-quality scissors for your haircut

quality scissors

Did you know it is important to use high-quality scissors to avoid damaging your clients' hair? Hair can be damaged not only by the products you use in your cleaning routines but also by using inadequate scissors. So, take care of your tools and consider how you can become aware of your scissors not being of good quality. 

What do low-quality scissors do to your clients' hair?  

The use of low-quality scissors on your clients' hair can have negative consequences for your clients. 

Split ends: Having dull blades can leave the hair with split ends, giving it a neglected and unhealthy appearance. 

Hair breakage: If the scissors do not have a proper edge, there will be tugging or hair breakage, weakening it and making it more prone to splitting. 

Uneven texture: Not having the appropriate tool causes the cuts to be uneven and the textures to be inconsistent, ruining your hair and hairstyle. 

Why choose the right scissors?

Scissors play a crucial role when it comes to cutting hair, and it's important to have excellent quality to make the difference between a perfect cut and a total disaster. Keep the following tips in mind to make the right choice for your scissors: 

  • High-quality material: It's important to opt for scissors made of stainless steel or titanium as they are more resistant to corrosion and tend to last longer. That's why investing in a good set of tools is important.
  • Sharpness: Always make sure to check that the scissors are properly sharpened in order to achieve a clean and precise cut. Dull blades can tear and damage your hair instead of cutting it smoothly.
  • Ergonomics: Try to look for scissors with ergonomic handles that fit comfortably in your hand. It will help you have better control and prevent wrist pain during cutting, as well as shoulder pain.
  • Consult with professionals: If you're unsure about which scissors to choose, you can talk with professional hairdressers. They have experience using different scissors and can recommend the most suitable ones based on your needs.

Take care of your scissors and extend their life.

Once you have acquired quality scissors, you must consider properly caring for them to ensure they last a long time. Follow these tips for caring for your scissors: 

  • Regular cleaning: Clean your scissors after each use to remove any hair or product residue. Use a soft cloth and a bit of alcohol to disinfect them.
  • Safe storage: Store your scissors in a case or protective sheath to prevent them from being bumped or the blades from being damaged.
  • Regular sharpening: Make sure to sharpen your scissors periodically to maintain a clean and precise cut. You can seek the assistance of a professional to sharpen them properly.
  • Correct use: Remember to use the scissors only for cutting hair and avoid using them for other purposes, such as cutting paper or fabric. This will help keep the blade edges in optimal condition.

The Pure Steel Scissor

quality scissors

    Investing in quality scissors can make a difference in the health and appearance of your clients' hair. While you may find cheaper scissors, remember that quality and durability are crucial. Your clients will appreciate the impeccable and healthy look of their hair. 

    quality scissors

    At Leaf Scissors, we take pride in offering high-quality hairdressing tools, including state-of-the art hairdressing scissors. We care about the quality of our tools as well as the environment, which is why we constantly look for way to make our industry more sustainable. Our mission is not only to help you improve your work and skills every day, but also to fulfil our commitment to sustainability for the planet. For every investment you make in our tools, we plant 10 trees.

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