The 5 Best Hair Dressing Tools for Your Home Salon

The 5 Best Hair Dressing Tools for Your Home Salon

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Some essential tools should be in your toolbox, whether you're a seasoned pro or a recent graduate

Hairdressers must have two pairs of shears for all cutting techniques, a powerful yet lightweight blow dryer, and a versatile curling iron. Moreover, a razor, a paddle brush, a round brush, a few combs, clips for sectioning the hair, and a water bottle to keep hair manageable throughout the haircut are also on the list of must-haves. 

When purchasing tools you'll use every day behind the chair; the options are virtually limitless.

The Must-haves

Here is a list of must-have hairdressing tools for your home salon:

  • Shears for Every Purpose
  • The most common size used by hairdressers is between 5.5 and 6.5 inches, depending on desired results. A 5.5-inch shear is ideal for precision cutting, whereas a longer shear, say 6 to 7 inches, this tool is ideal for cutting big chunks of hair, compressed cutting, scissor-over-comb work, and deep texturizing.

    A longer shear may also decrease the time it takes to perform a one-length bob or scissor-over-comb technique and allow you to comfortably and easily frame hair around a client's face.

    Want to have the best of both worlds?

    A professional 6" shear is our recommended "do everything" shear.

    This comfortable to hold shear is large enough to handle any job, from layering techniques to one-length styles, but not so long that it's cramped to use behind the chair on a daily basis.

    Visit ‘Leaf Scissors’ and get your hands on high-quality, sustainable shears. 

  • Blow Dryer with Power but Lightweight
  • What is a hairstylist without a blow dryer? I'm not working. When purchasing tools you'll use every day behind the chair; the options are virtually limitless.

    It may be an essential tool in your kit, second only to your shears.

    You want a light-weighted hair dryer that is light enough that at the end of the day, you don't feel like you've been lifting weights, and you should look for cutting-edge ionic technology, which reduces damage and leaves locks looking shiny and frizz-free.

  • Shears for Blending
  • A blending shear is necessary when removing weight quickly, softening lines, or adding controlled texture. The versatile shear, also known as a thinning shear, has a straight blunt blade on one side and evenly spaced teeth on the other.

    Look for a professional blending shear (also known as a professional thinning shear or professional texturizing shear) with a moderate weight removal so that it can be used to softly remove lines, texturize, and adjust weight balance within a shape.

    To be reversible and reduce strain on your hand, wrist, and shoulder, the blending shear should have convex blades and opposing grip handles.

  • Razor 
  • This is a must-have tool for quickly removing hair while creating incredible texture.

    Use a razor to give your hair a lived-in look that isn't as clean and precise. Look for a razor with easily changeable blades that can be used for straight-razor cutting, blending, and texturizing hair.

    A razor with an adjustable finger design will keep your hand in a natural position, reducing strain when shaving.

  • The Best Combs
  • A multitude of combs will make any job easier, whether cutting, coloring, or styling hair, using scissor-over-comb or clipper-over-comb techniques, or just straightening and styling hair.

    To meet your needs, invest in a comprehensive Comb Set that includes A short-cutting comb, a long-cutting comb, and an extended comb are all needed.

    To increase the difference between dark and light hair, skip the fancy colors and opt for ivory and black-colored combs. For the most significant difference, use a black comb on light-colored hair and a white comb on darker hair. This will make it much easier to see your cutting lines!

  • Iron for Curling
  • If you can only have one iron in your kit, make it a curling iron that converts quickly to a hair wand. Since the barrel is not so small that you end up with tight ringlets, but it is big enough to deliver just the right amount of bend and wave, this iron is versatile and sufficient to create various looks.

    Wrap the hair around the barrel using various techniques to achieve loose and organic curls and waves or smooth and polished waves.

    We always recommend an iron wand to salon professionals because of the control and variety of techniques that can be created versus a spring-loaded curling iron.

  • Bottle of Water
  • Every hairdresser should have a small water bottle in their toolkit for lightly misting or quickly saturating the hair.

    A continuous spray bottle, a great feature in many newer water spray bottles, is recommended.

  • Round Brush 
  • When executing flawless blowouts, a round brush is an absolute must. However, it is critical to select the correct type of round brush and barrel size for the technique. A small barrel is ideal for styling short hair, a medium barrel for adding fullness at the base, and a large barrel for creating long, loose waves or straight looks with the body.

    A round brush can also make fine hair appear fuller and thicker. We recommend a thermal round brush for fine hair.

    To achieve maximum volume and shine for all hair types, you'll need a brush with the ideal combination of nylon and boar bristles.

    Wrapping it up

    A warrior is defined by his weapon, and his mastery of the weapon is what makes him a legend. Like any other professional, hairstylists require a specific set of tools and must master the art of using them correctly to complete the task efficiently. 

    Whether you are a pro or just starting, you will need high-quality hair styling tools and accessories in your kit to serve air types professionally.

    The tools mentioned above will help you do wonders.

    Happy hairdressing!

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