The best way to use a hairdressing thinning scissors in a short hair

hairdressing thinning scissors

You have surely had some clients who talk about short hair, either because it is the length they already have and want to maintain, or because they want to make a radical change to their image and want to go for a short haircut. The best thing is that you already know that achieving this cut requires you to have some skills and control of specific tools to achieve it with precision and be flattering. 

Therefore, a basic tool that you must have in your scissors bag is the thinning or texturizing scissors because, thanks to their serrated blade, it allows you to remove volume and reduce the weight of very thick hair, or heads with a lot of hair, and also allows adding texture and volume to very fine hair. The best thing about wearing a look this way is that you will always be well-groomed at any time and in any situation. 

But how should I use thinning scissors on short hair?

You will have to be careful and repeat time after time some basic steps, and then with a little skill, you will know how to combine them to get the best results. 

The first thing is to make sure that the hair is clean, dry, and well-combed. Use a natural bristle brush to detangle the hair and remove any knots that the hair you are working with may have. This phase is important because, if you manipulate thinning scissors on wet or tangled hair, the cut of the strands will not be precise, and therefore you will not get the results you expect. 

Now is the time to cut, and for this stage, we must select hair strands to cut. You must start cutting strands with a thickness of no more than 5cm wide and holding it in the middle of your fingers, you have to cut it. It is at this moment that you will realize the importance of having magnificent scissors, of their quality, precision, and ergonomics. Using a pair of thinning scissors made of low-quality material will cause their precision to fail because without high-quality raw materials, their sharpness will be lost with use, and corrosion may also affect the condition of the blades. 

At Leaf Scissors, we have thought about all these factors. Our scissors are made with the best Japanese steel, which gives them durability in their cut. In addition, they have been coated with Titanium to give them the elegant black color and protect against corrosion. Furthermore, we have studied with great care the distance between each of its teeth for the desired result, which is simply to control the density of the hair in the cuts. It is this separation that makes the scissors slide smoothly through the hair and not tear the hair fiber. 

It is important that you leave a small gap in the closing of the scissors, so another point to consider is the width and thickness of the blade. You must cut the strands at an angle, making sure to keep the position of the scissors at 45 degrees in relation to the strand you are going to cut, cut, and compare with the others, and so on until you finish. 

When cutting on the crown, you must be extremely careful, patient, and delicate as it will be the most visible part of the cut. It is in this part where you must remove the weight or excess volume and add texture, avoiding cutting too close to the scalp, as it would result in a radical change. With these steps, you can be sure that you will do it right, and Leaf Scissors will help you with the quality of your tools with our warranty services and subsequent sharpening that your tools may need. 

hairdressing thinning scissors

Remember that our mission is not only to help improve your work every day and improve your skills every day, but also our commitment to sustainability with the planet. For every investment you make in your tools, we plant 10 trees.  

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