Do you know the difference between convex and bevelled edge hairdressing scissors?

bevelled edge

When it comes to a haircut, hairdressers and professional stylists know that choosing the right tools is truly important in making a difference in the final outcome. One of the key aspects to consider is hairdressing scissors, which come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Two of the most common types are convex edge scissors and beveled edge scissors. At first glance, they may seem similar, but there are important differences that, as a professional in the industry, it is important for you to know. 

Convex edge hairdressing scissors 

Convex edge hairdressing scissors are characterized by having a curved shape on the cutting edge. These scissors are designed to achieve a smooth and precise cut. The convex edge creates minimal contact with the hair, reducing friction and tension on the strands. This results in a clean cut that is easily achieved, making it ideal for advanced cutting techniques and styles that require precision. The curved shape also allows for greater versatility when cutting different lengths and hair textures. Convex edge scissors are preferred by many professionals due to their exceptional precision and performance. 

Let's take a look at some of their features: 

  • Curved design: The curved shape of convex edge scissors creates a smooth and precise cutting line. 
  • Smooth cutting: These scissors require less effort to cut, providing a comfortable cutting experience without exerting a great amount of force. 
  • Enhanced control: Thanks to their curved design, these scissors offer greater control and precision when performing detailed cuts and sliding techniques. 

Beveled edge hairdressing scissors

On the other hand, beveled edge hairdressing scissors have a straight-angled blade. These scissors are known for their ability to create more defined and pronounced cuts. The beveled edge allows the blades to glide easily through the hair, providing a sharper cutting sensation. This type of scissors is particularly useful when creating layers and textures that stand out in the hair. Beveled edge scissors are an excellent choice when aiming for a more noticeable and yet stylized look. 


  • V-shaped edge: Beveled edge scissors have a blade with a V-shaped beveled edge, allowing for a more direct and precise cut. 
  • Versatile applications: These scissors are suitable for cutting both wet and dry hair and are ideal for straight-line cutting techniques. 
  • Defined style: If a more defined and crisp cutting style is preferred, beveled edge scissors will be an excellent choice. 

The choice will depend on the goal and preferences

Deciding between convex edge scissors and beveled edge scissors will depend on the type of haircut you want to achieve for your client, as well as your personal preferences as a professional in the hairdressing industry. If you specialize in precision cuts and softer styles, convex edge scissors will be your best allies. On the other hand, if you feel more comfortable working with defined cuts, beveled edge scissors will be the best choice. 

It is important to remember that regardless of the type of scissors you choose, regular maintenance and keeping your scissors sharp are important to ensure optimum performance. Be sure to take care of your scissors and perform proper maintenance to prolong their lifespan and maintain cutting accuracy - here's why. 

Both convex edge hairdressing scissors and beveled edge scissors are valuable tools in the arsenal of any hairdresser or stylist. Understanding the difference between the two will allow you to make informed decisions and achieve desired results with each haircut. Remember to choose the option that best suits your needs and personal style, and get ready to enhance your clients' haircuts!

bevelled edge

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