Complementing Your Scissors: 5 Essential Tools for Hairdressers

Essential Tools for Hairdressers Leaf Scissors Razor

There is so much more to great hairdressing than the scissors. Every hair stylist’s tool kit might be different, but there are some tools that we just can’t imagine hairdressers living without!

Here are some hair stylist must have tools that we think will level up your hair game, and will also help you to become a sustainable stylist.

Professional Salon Comb

There is no doubt that a comb is a tool every stylist should have. From detangling the hair for cutting to parting and sectioning the hair, combs are such a diverse tool. Since it is needed for such vital aspects of styling and cutting, it is a good idea to have a reliable and effective comb.

leafscissors combs

Hairdresser Tools Case

Caring for your tools is essential. If you don’t look after them, they will be susceptible to damage and can affect the quality of your cuts. 

Having a tools case is the best way to keep your tools safe from damage so they can perform as if they were brand new. It’s also handy to have everything in one place - you definitely won’t be losing anything any time soon!

hairdressing scissors

Hair Razor

An underrated tool that every hairdresser should try is a razor. Whilst it might be more common for barbers to use razors to clean up hairlines on shorter shapes, razors are for all hair lengths. They are an effective way to add texture, create unique shapes and remove weight quickly. 

Hair Razor and Blades from Leaf Scissors

Our Sustainable Hairdressing Tools

At Leaf Scissors, we take pride in being part of the success of professional hairdressers. We not only provide scissors designed by and for professionals but also commit to offering valuable resources and knowledge to boost your business. We hope this content has inspired you and helped you achieve your professional goals. We will continue to share valuable information to reinforce your presence in the beauty sector.

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