Everything left-handed hairdressing scissors can offer to your salon and what you need to know about them

left-handed hairdressing scissors

In the world of professional hairdressing, the importance of left-handed scissors is often overlooked, and if you are left-handed, you will know what we mean because handling your main working tool when they are adapted to you will not only make cutting more precise and professional, it will also make your job easier and more comfortable. Let's take a look at why left-handed professional scissors are essential in any hairdressing salon. 

Precision cuts

One of the most obvious advantages of using left-handed scissors is that it makes it easier to make precise cuts. As these scissors have blades designed to be used from the opposite side to normal scissors, they allow you to get closer to the hair and use more precision when making haircuts. This can help create a more professional finish and ensure that every client leaves your salon looking their best.  

Reduced strain

As well as helping with precision, left-handed hair cutting scissors can also reduce the strain on your hands, wrists and arms when cutting hair for long periods of time. These scissors allow you to hold them in a more natural position, which reduces fatigue and helps you avoid long-term damage while working in the salon. This makes them an invaluable tool for anyone who spends long hours cutting hair.  


Finally, lefty haircutting scissors provide greater comfort when cutting hair because they put less strain on your hands and arms. They fit better in the hand, so there is less strain when using them, resulting in less fatigue over time. This makes them ideal accessories for barbers and hairdressers who need to use scissors all day long without experiencing discomfort or pain in their hands or arms afterwards.  

Types of haircutting scissors for left-handers

When it comes to choosing a pair of left-handed haircutting scissors, there are several different types available. Traditional scissors or scissors with straight blades are good choices if you prefer a more traditional look and feel when using them. However, many people find curved blades more comfortable because they fit better in the hand and can help reduce strain when using them for an extended period of time. In addition, some scissors feature accesories such as adjustable angles and lengths so you can customize them to fit your hand perfectly.

Left-handed hairdressing scissors


Did you know that our founder, Steve, is also left-handed? 

Our professional scissors are ergonomically designed and created by (lefty) hairdressers, for hairdressers. So, we know exactly what you need. 

That's why Leaf scissors sets are not only adapted to these conditions, but their carefully selected balance point makes them so light that you won't notice the hours of work and relieve the strain on your wrist.  

During their manufacture, Hitachi Japanese steel has been mixed with a titanium coating that gives them greater strength and longevity as well as that characteristic black colour that gives them a touch of elegance and modernity.  

Left-handed hairdressing scissors

All the more reason to emphasise the importance of choosing the perfect left-handed scissors, an essential tool for any left-handed hairdresser looking to give their clients precise cuts with the minimum of stress on their body.  With all these advantages combined, if you're looking for the perfect pair of reliable, high quality left-handed scissors, why not try Leaf Scissors, you can view all our products by following this link.  

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