Tips on how to properly perform a dry haircut with hairdressing scissors

dry haircut

Would you like to learn how to perform professional dry haircuts using hairdressing scissors? In this article, I will reveal the keys to achieving it. Dry haircutting is an increasingly popular technique among hairdressing professionals as it allows for precise and personalized results. Discover how to master this technique and offer your clients an exceptional haircut! 

Why choose a dry haircut? 

Before we dive into the keys to a dry haircut, it is necessary to understand why this technique has gained so much recognition in the hairdressing industry. The dry haircut has several significant advantages:   

  • Customisation: By working with dry hair, you can assess the natural texture of the hair and observe how it reacts as you cut it. That allows you to tailor the cut to each client's needs and preferences.   
  • Accuracy: Without the effect of the weight and humidity of wet hair, cutting dry hair gives you greater precision. You can clearly visualise how the hair behaves when you cut it, which helps you create defined, symmetrical lines.   
  • Communication with the client: When performing the dry haircut, the client can observe the process and actively participate, providing instant feedback. These encourage better communication and collaboration, ensuring the client gets the desired result.  

Keys to a successful dry haircut with hairdressing scissors 

Now that you understand the advantages of the dry haircut, it's time to know the keys to carry out this technique properly:

  • Hair preparation: Before you begin the cut, make sure your hair is clean and free of products such as conditioners or oils that may alter its natural texture. Comb the hair to detangle it and make sure it is dry.   
  • Section and hold: Divide hair into manageable sections and use clips or clamps to hold each section in place. This will allow you to work in an organised and precise manner, avoiding confusion and mistakes.   
  • Quality scissors: Use high quality professional hairdressing scissors. Make sure they are sharp and clean for precise and clean cuts.   
  • Proper cutting technique: When cutting, work in small sections and use smooth, controlled movements. Observe the direction of hair growth and cut at angles that favour the desired style.   
  • Texturizing and finishing: Once you've done the main cut, you can use texturizing techniques to add volume or definition. Use thinning scissors or razors to create subtle layers and a natural finish.  

Experiment and perfect your technique  

Remember that the key to mastering dry haircutting with hairdressing scissors is practice. Don't be afraid to experiment and explore different styles and techniques. Keep up to date with the latest trends and training in the hairdressing field to offer your clients modern and fresh results.  

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Dry haircutting with hairdressing scissors is a versatile and effective technique that allows you to personalise and achieve precise results. Follow these tips and spend time perfecting your technique to stand out as a professional hairdresser and surprise your clients with unique, quality haircuts.  


dry haircut

Remember that at Leaf Scissors we are committed to giving you the tools and knowledge you need to excel in your profession. Explore our wide range of high-quality hairdressing scissors and discover how to improve your work - your success is our goal! 

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