Leaf Scissors & Sustainability


The goal for Leaf is to produce and source the highest quality hairdressing tools whilst constantly looking for ways to make our business and industry more sustainable.


For each pair of scissors we sell, we plant at least 10 trees with our planting partner Veritree. Our mission is to have planted 25,000 trees in 2021. You can visit our impact hub here to see how we're doing. We have worked closely with our sharpening supplier, who is also now planting a tree for every scissor sharpened!


We believe that there is room in the hair industry to be more environmentally conscious. Change is possible if each hairdresser individually, and hair salons collectively make more sustainable choices. Let’s all do our part.

All of our Scissors arrive in Plastic free packaging in our Beautiful ECO boxes, made from a minimum of 90% recycled material. They are all fully recyclable.


Regeneration is often synonymous with "repair" or "restore." Leaf scissors strives everyday to become a better regenerative company. One that not only doesn't despoil natural resources and ecosystems but contributes to their sustenance. We do this in our partnership with our planting partner Veritree and our personal goal to plant another 25’000 trees by the end of the year. A goal we see ourselves not only meeting but surpassing entirely.


Since the very beginning Leaf has encouraged all members of our Team to work from home if they can. We believe that reducing commutes to a minimum aids in lowering our overall carbon output as a company. We also hold the view that more business’ if its feasible should also adopt this modern approach to working.


We have chosen to partner ourselves with only brands who support and hold our vision of protecting and preserving the environment and who strive to make the hairdressing industry a more sustainable place.


In our 18 months Leaf Scissors has planted 24’000 Trees. To put it into perspective that is the equivalent of 120 acres or 60 football pitches. And as each tree has the ability to absorb 21KG of carbon per year the Trees that leaf has planted contribute to absorbing 504’000KG of Carbon per year from the environment.


As the owner of Leaf scissors I am determined to continue to make our business more sustainable. As an individual I am focused on leading a more sustainable life. We already as a family focus heavily on reducing our carbon footprint by reducing our usage of motor vehicles to a bare minimum and opting for other means of transport such a cycling etc. We also are focused on recycling absolutely everything possible and shop locally in our village to support our local community, and reduce food miles. I dedicate a lot of time to exploring how Leaf as a business can have even more meaningful impact.

One aspect I am really proud of is my regenerative way of
working concept. I believe that Leaf as a company can directly mimic nature in regard to its ability to re-generate and grow. When the conditions are right in nature, trees and plants grow and develop. When the conditions and the energy changes, the plants take time to be dormant and store up energy ready for future growth. This is how we approach work at Leaf.

The team are the most vital asset in us
achieving our sustainability goals and this approach does two

1- Allows them to grow and develop at a pace which is healthy and fulfilling and in line with their energy levels.
2- Allows them to ensure a happy balance to life which is not only about work work work!

Reach out if you want to learn more!

Reach out if you want to learn more!


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