Can carpal tunnel cause shoulder pain in barbers and hairdresser?

carpal tunnel cause shoulder pain

If you're starting your professional career in barbering and hairdressing, you should know that a carpal tunnel injury can cause an annoying pain in your shoulder. We'll give you the best tips to avoid it happening and help you choose the right tools.

Shoulder pain caused by the carpal tunnel 

The carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which the median nerve in the wrist is compressed. It usually occurs in people who work with their hands, and in hairdressing and barbering working hours are prolonged.  Symptoms include pain, tingling and numbness in the hand and fingers.  

This compression at the same time sends pain signals to the nerve that connects to the shoulder, which causes excruciating discomfort, and over time could influence the quality of your cuts and your career. 

How to avoid this lesion in the development of your profession 

  • Stretching before and after work 

It is important to stretch before and after each work session to maintain flexibility in the arm at all times, which will reduce the strain on the nerves. Consistently doing this, can prevent injuries and improve blood flow to avoid the onset of shoulder pain. 

  • Use the correct technique 

It is essential to learn the correct techniques for haircutting, styling and blow-drying movements and to use the right tools, making sure they are well sharpened and lubricated. This will help reduce stress on your wrist and shoulders. It is also important to follow the tool manufacturers' recommendations for the best way to use your tools and keep them sharp. 

  • Use a comfortable position 

Remember to maintain a comfortable position while working. Adjust the height of your clients' chair and mirror so that you don't have to bend or stretch your arms too far. This will reduce wrist strain and improve shoulder posture. 

  • Rest your arms 

You should take regular breaks during work to rest your wrist. During these breaks, you should take the opportunity to stretch your wrist, arms and fingers. You can also gently massage your arm muscles to reduce tension. 

  • Strengthens the arms 

It is necessary to perform different strengthening exercises for both the wrist and shoulders. For example, using a tennis ball or a rubber ball to reduce wrist tension or shoulders are excellent exercises to prevent injuries. 

  • Control stress 

Not managing stress during your workday can increase muscle tension and make shoulder pain worse. You need to learn how to manage stress and maintain a positive attitude at work. 

Another aspect to keep in mind is to make sure your tools are of good quality, as it is important to maintain an ergonomic posture when cutting hair to reduce the strain on the body when bending over for long periods of time. It also helps to improve circulation throughout the body, preventing cramps or numbness in the hands and shoulders. 

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carpal tunnel cause shoulder pain


As a hairdresser, shoulder pain can be a serious problem that can affect your professional and personal life. However, by following these tips you can protect your health and enjoy your work as a hairdresser for many years to come. 

carpal tunnel cause shoulder pain

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