How to cut hair with scissors and combs: Step-by-step guide

How to cut hair with scissors and combs: Step-by-step guide

Knowing how to cut hair with scissors and combs can seem like a challenge and can be a bit nerve-wracking. You have to hold tools in both hands, and you may have more dexterity in one of them.  This job requires a lot of patience, a lot of practice and a lot of skill.  

Once you have scaled each stage you will be able to make cuts using these two tools to perfection and you will see that your cutting times will be reduced. In this post we will explain how you can get started, teach you how to feel more confident and recommend some tools to start with.  

Basics of cutting hair with scissors and combs  

The first thing is to make sure your tools are ready and right for you. Your scissors should be clean and sharp so that your cuts are precise and don't damage the texture and quality of the hair, let alone the end result. Dull scissors will not only cause the final effect not to be the desired one but will also break the hair fiber.  

As for combs, you should always clean them after use so that when you use them again, they are perfect, and the client feels safe working with you and in your workplace.  

After this, it is important to know how to do the basic steps of haircuts. 

- Segment the hair into manageable sections: This way you will be able to handle it better, segmenting the hair will make the cut look uniform, get some good tweezers or rubber bands to hold each section and work faster and more precisely.  

- Use combs: Combs will allow you to untangle each section of hair before you cut it to avoid tangling or mixing them up and cutting by mistake.  

- Scissors: You should always hold the scissors at an angle rather than up and down to control your movements as much as possible.   

- After that, you should use the combs again, because you should want to make sure your hairstyle is neat and tidy.  

- Finally, comb.  

Scissors and combs to use:  

To work in a tidier way, get yourself a set of combs in which you will have all the combs you need to use on a regular basis.  

Colouring comb 

It is used to be able to apply the colour and make sure that the application of the same one is correctly distributed from roots to ends; this comb is the suitable one because it allows us to make a section of the hair with a lot of care and it provides us precision.  

Detangling comb   

These are combs that help hairdressers to detangle the hair by exerting a certain type of pressure on them. It is important that they are not made of plastic because friction is generated which causes the hair to become electrified.  


Tail Comb  

Tail combs have a great feature and that is the elongated handle. These combs help to straighten the hair when the hairdresser is doing a colour technician job because they pull out the strands and then straighten them with the elongated part of the handle. 

Cutting combs 

These combs help in cutting hair, their characteristic is that the comb is divided into two parts, one half with closer spikes that hold the hair to cut it and the other half helps to untangle the hair, that's why the distance between the spikes.  

Leaf has created a biodegradable comb made from PLA and Wheat straw. As a sustainable alternative to plastic combs. 

As for the scissors you should use, there are straight cut scissors, texturising scissors and razors.  

Leaf Scissors has been concerned with all of these and has designed handmade hairdressing scissors with specific changes that make these scissors the extension of your hand, with great contributions in improving ergonomics, but with great precision.  

Leaf's mission is to produce and supply hairdressing tools of the highest quality, constantly looking for ways to make the industry more sustainable, therefore, in addition to having an amazing quality they are the first sustainable scissors and combs in the world. 

At Leaf it's all about the advantages of helping you succeed in your career.

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