The importance of sustainability in the hairdressing industry

hairdressing industry


In today's world, sustainability has become a crucial aspect in all market sectors, including the hairdressing industry. More and more hair salons are embracing sustainable practices due to their positive impact on the environment, as well as the health of clients and hairdressers themselves. In this article, we will explore the importance of sustainability in hairdressing and provide tips to start implementing sustainable practices.

Sustainability in the hairdressing sector

Sustainability in the hairdressing industry involves adopting practices that help minimize negative impact on the environment and achieve a balance in the ecosystem. Follow these tips to preserve our natural resources and ensure a better future for the upcoming generations.

Organic products

Organic products are becoming increasingly popular in the hairdressing sector each year due to their eco-friendliness and positive impact. These products do not contain chemicals, sulfates, or parabens, which can cause skin irritations and scalp burns.

Reduce residues

Daily, hair salons generate large amounts of waste, such as product packaging, latex gloves or towels, among others. That's why it is important to reduce waste and promote recycling. It is also advisable to reuse certain materials and choose more sustainable products, such as organic cotton towels or biodegradable gloves.

Efficient water use

Water is one of the most precious resources on the planet, and it is used extensively in the hairdressing industry. Each session consumes a significant amount of water, from washing hair to cleaning tools. It is therefore important to use low flow taps and showers to reduce water consumption.

Renewable Energy usage

Another important aspect to contribute to sustainability is to use renewable energy. That is why the use of solar panels is recommended, as well as the use of LED lights, which last longer and reduce the amount of energy consumption. These practices help your salon save money.

Sustainability Awareness

Finally, it is essential that hairdressers talk about sustainability to their clients. By informing their clients about the products they are using and the practices they are doing, they are building a relationship of trust with them and encouraging them to take similar steps, it is also important to give them tips on how to apply sustainability at home.

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hairdressing industry

Leaf Scissors and its commitment with Climate Change

At Leaf Scissors we are aware of this problem and have implemented various measures to help the environment.

  • Our packaging is made from 90% recycled materials, completely eliminating plastic packaging.
  • We have set out to plant 10 trees for every pair of scissors you buy, with the aim of reducing the deforestation we have experienced in recent years.
  • We are trying to get people to buy products from local shops, helping to reduce their dependence on the car, to avoid environmental pollution.
  • We have partnered with other environmentally committed companies who share our passion for this important cause to make a positive and lasting impact on our environment.
    hairdressing industry

    At Leaf Scissors we are proud to offer high quality hairdressing tools, including state of the art scissors. We care about both the quality of our products and the environment, so we are constantly looking for ways to make our industry more sustainable. Join us in our commitment to sustainability. Together we can make a difference and build a greener, healthier future for everyone.

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