6 Types of Steel Used in Professional Hairdressing Scissors

6 Types of Steel Used in Professional Hairdressing Scissors

Whether it's time to buy your first pair of scissors or you want to renew your current ones, you are probably wondering: What are the best types of steel for my new scissors? What is the difference between low-quality and high-quality scissor’s steel?

These are questions that we receive every day in our mailbox, so we have prepared this article where we list the 14 best professional scissor steels for hairdressers and barbers, including the types 440C, VG10 and others. We hope it will help you when making your next choice.

What does the steel type of a professional haircutting scissors influence?

Before we go into the different types of steel that exist for the manufacture of professional hairdressing scissors, we would like to list the key points on which this material influences. You should know that the type of steel affects:

  • How sharp your scissors will be.
  • How easy it will be to sharpen when required.
  • The level of rust and corrosion resistance.
  • How light the scissors will be.
  • How fragile and brittle the blade of the scissors is.
  • And last but not least, how many years your scissors will last.

From these six points it will be easier for you to understand why there are scissors that cost over €200 and what the difference of them is compared to scissors that cost less than €99. You should bear in mind that if you cut your hair every day, it is key and vital to have the right tools that have ample durability, high performance and take care of your ergonomic health.

What determines the steel quality of a professional hairdresser's or barber's scissors?

As with hairdressing products, it is extremely difficult to find the right scissors for you. There are a multitude of different brands and models on the market using different names and types of steel. So, what are the types of steel used in hairdressing and barbering scissors? And what determines the quality of the steel?

The most important thing to know is that the quality of scissor’s steel is determined by the Rockwell hardness index (HRC / HR).

The Rockwell hardness or Rockwell hardness test is a method of determining the hardness, i.e., the resistance of a material to penetration.

What is the Rockwell (HRC/HR) rating?

As detailed above, the Rockwell index determines the hardness or resistance of a material to penetration. In the case of professional hairdressing scissors, it focuses on the strength of the scissors and their overall hardness. The higher the hardness, the higher the quality or, in other words, the higher the Rockwell index of the steel in your scissors, the harder and better the quality of the blade.

Each type of steel is stainless steel. The grade of stainless steel if measured with the Rockwell hardness scale (HRC).

Comparative table of hardness of steels and estimated price of professional hairdressing scissors

Below, we have prepared a comparative table comparing the hardness of the steel (Rockwell), the quality of the material and the estimated price of the professional hairdressing scissors.





Softer and lower quality leaf

£ 50-199


Entry-level haircutting blade



Medium level haircutting blade. Harder and rust resistant and easy to sharpen.

£ 149-400


Medium to high quality cutting blade. Hard, tough and easy to sharpen

£ 249-800


High quality cutting blade. Most commonly found in premium scissors. Hard, tough, has an ultra-sharp blade edge and is easy to sharpen.

£ 299-1000


Ultra high quality cutting blade. Found only in the best scissors

£ 700-1500

Comparative Table: Rockwell Hardness and Estimated Price Of Professional Hairdressing Scissors


As you can see, the higher the HRC (Rockwell) index, the harder the material, the shears are, the sharper the blade, the more resistant to corrosion and rust.

You should also know that HRC is not the only thing to consider when choosing between low quality and high quality scissors. The quality, standards and manufacturing process also determine how sharp and effective your new scissors will be.

All Leaf Scissors professional hairdressing scissors are handmade with Japanese Rockwell 60 steel.

Recommended Professional Hairdressing Scissors

Leaf 'Black Edition' Razor


The Leaf 'Black Edition' razor is the perfect tool for any hairdresser or barber. This razor is made of Japanese steel of the highest quality and hardness. It stands out for its design as well as the ergonomics and durability of the tool.

Leaf 'Black Edition' Texturising Scissor.


The Black Edition texturising scissors are premium quality hairdressing scissors designed to suit all hairdressers, regardless of their level of experience. This scissor is designed to remove volume, create texture and soften lines.

Leaf 'Black Edition' Scissor


'Black Edition' is a premium quality professional hairdressing scissors designed to suit all hairdressers, regardless of their level of experience. This handcrafted tool is designed "by hairdressers, for hairdressers". Its ergonomic, offset design makes these scissors feel like an extension of your hand and allows you to explore your creativity with freedom and expression.


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