How Living Seasonally Will Change Your Life

How Living Seasonally Will Change Your Life

During the last few years, there has been an immense growth in people seeking to live more balanced, fulfilling lives. COVID, the cost of living crisis, and changes to the way we live and work together have shifted dramatically, prompting a return to more ethical, considered ways of living as we’ve realised our connectedness, or lack of, with nature. 

Our founder Steve has approached developing Leaf through living in touch with the seasons, whether through mimicking the patterns nature follows, as well as considering how the seasons affect us all individually. Seasonal Affective Disorder affects around 2 million people living in the UK, and conversations surrounding mental wellbeing have also become increasingly normalised, giving rise to new ways of living. Seasons change and living in tune with them instead of against them can improve our wellbeing. Either side of the year are the longest day and the longest night, and the seasons have been split accordingly around these. Almost all life on Earth relates to this delicate balancing act and how we choose to live can be in tune with these.

Here are several ways you can improve your life by living in time with the seasons. 

“A tree for example will have moments of where it grows massively and develops but it also will have moments of dormancy where it just takes some time, regroups, restocks.”

As Autumn turns to Winter - Knowing when to rest is essential for growth.


We all have our own internal rhythms that work in accordance with nature and acknowledging this is essential to our wellbeing. We all function on the same 24 hour body clock which requires rest and periods of activity. Realising that this ebb and flow is a positive asset instead of a deficiency allows us to take advantage of these different periods. Take more rest during this seasonal period, spend more time with friends and family and press snooze on the alarm if it’s what your body is telling you to do. It’ll benefit you later on.


Winter is the time when nature returns to the soil, creating fertile grounds for a new year of growth come spring. Taking time to journal about the past year and look at what to let go can clear the way to create the ideal conditions for a period of immense growth in Spring.

Nourish yourself.

Eating seasonally is better for our bodies. Natural produce harvested in Autumn reflects our bodies requirements to thrive throughout winter. As the weather becomes colder, consider this your excuse to carb load on healthy root vegetables, good fats and nutrient dense foods.

“We believe in a regenerative approach to everything we do… We try our best to mimic nature.”

“When the climate is right or when the conditions are right it starts growing again.”

As winter turns to spring - Lay the groundwork for future growth.

Get off the treadmill.

We are so used to the endless hustle culture in modern society that we often need to be reminded to scale back our efforts and take a break. Spend winter resting, enjoy time with family and nurture your own energy levels to support the conditions for spring. Laying the groundwork for growth later on is productive too. 

Start planning new things.

As the days begin to lengthen, and we begin to see the return of the light, there is opportunity to begin rebuilding, and increasing our activity levels. This is a great time to begin new hobbies, work projects or goals, perfectly in line with the new year beginning in January. Though this feels very much like midwinter to us, the days are already beginning to lengthen again and give way to new life. This is a great time to start planning activities for the summer, thinking up new projects, goals, and dreams.

“As an individual and as a team, there are times where we have to slow down and regroup, and make decisions in that calmer time and decide what's the next generation phase.”

If there is one thing we can take from living seasonally, it’s that we can all make decisions that help others around us thrive. We are a part of an incredibly complex ecosystem that is out of balance, and though simple actions may not seem consequential to the rest of the world, they can have a knock on effect that when all practised together, and can create the foundations for improvement for everyone, everywhere. 

What do you think about living seasonally? 

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