How To Use Hair Thinning Scissors

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Thinning scissors can remove weight and add texture to your cuts. From how to use them to whether or not they damage hair, here’s our ultimate hair thinning scissors guide. 

What Are Thinning Scissors?

Hair thinning shears have one blade with teeth and one without. If you look closely at the blade with teeth, you will notice that there are small, evenly spaced grooves.

Whilst thinning shears are slightly different from texturising scissors, they both remove hair without losing the length or shape of the haircut. Thinning scissors work to remove weight from the hair, whereas texturising scissors add volume and movement to the style. 

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Thinning Scissors

Common Misconceptions About Thinning Scissors

A misconception that we often hear is that thinning scissors are a ‘lazy hairdressers tool’. It is true that you can use regular scissors to achieve a similar result by cutting in an upwards direction from the ends of the hair. 

However, this method is not only time consuming, but will never give you the seamless finish that thinning scissors do. Why snip away at individual strands of hair when there is an amazing tool that can give your client even better results?

Another misconception is that you should use thinning scissors on curly hair. Whilst curly hair often needs weight removed, this should be done with layers instead. Using thinning scissors on the ends can ruin the curl pattern and give your client frizz.

How Do Thinning Scissors Work?

Hair thinning scissors have those evenly spaced grooves for a reason. They make it possible to cut less hair from a section than regular cutting shears. Just like any other type of scissor, using different techniques will give you different results.

If you are working on thick hair, then you might use thinning scissors to reduce the density of the hair. However, you can also use thinning scissors on other hair types when you just want to soften the edges without losing the beautiful shape you have created. 

How To Choose Thinning Scissors

As a rule of thumb, the more teeth or grooves on a pair of thinning scissors, the more subtly the look will be altered. If you are cutting thick hair, then a pair of scissors with fewer teeth would remove the weight more quickly. 

However, when working on finer hair or when you want to add that gorgeous texture, scissors with more teeth would be best suited for the job. 

How To Cut Hair With Thinning Scissors

So, we’ve picked the right thinning scissors, but how do we use them? 

It is important to use thinning scissors on dry hair, as it is a lot easier to see how the hair naturally falls. Working in sections is also crucial to create an even look. 

Whether you are working on men or women’s hair, never use the thinning scissors near the root. This could create short, spiky hairs that stick up from the rest of the hair. With thinning scissors, we want to stick to creating a blended, seamless look.

On longer hair, angle your thinning scissors downwards in the direction of hair growth. With each snip, keep the blades closed and glide the scissors down as if you are combing through the hair. The higher from the ends of the hair you start, the more weight you are going to remove.

On short hair, you can pull the hair up from the root. Simply cut along the line of the shape you have already created. Be mindful of the number of cuts you are making, as too many can take off more hair than you intended to.

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Are Thinning Scissors Bad For Hair?

If used incorrectly, thinning shears can do more damage than good. As mentioned, over-thinning the hair or starting too close to the root can leave your client with that spiky, static hair look. It can also damage the ends of the hair, leaving it looking stringy. 

How To Clean Thinning Scissors

Sticking to hygiene standards is of course the main reason you will want to keep your hair tools clean, but keeping your scissors spotless will increase their longevity. 

The notches of your thinning scissors make them slightly harder to clean than regular scissors. But with some warm water and a cleaning agent, you can keep your scissors looking shiny and new.

When deep cleaning, be sure to open the blades wide enough to get between every tooth. It is important to rinse the cleaning agent and dry the scissors thoroughly. For a quick clean between cuts, use a clean cloth to wipe down your scissors.

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