The best way to get a hairdresser and barber scissors at the same time

barber scissors

Barber scissors are an essential tool for any hairdresser or barber, but are they all the same? Is there any difference between them? Let's analyze what happens and why Leaf Scissors has thought of all situations in order to design the best scissors for hairdressers and barbers.  

The answer we would give to the question we are addressing is that there are now scissors specially designed for cutting men's hair. These scissors are different in some aspects compared to normal hairdressing scissors. Firstly, they are longer than standard scissors, the additional length provides greater precision when cutting hair in difficult areas such as the nape and around the ears. 

Another important part is that barber scissors also have a different angle. Instead of being straight, the blades of the scissors have an angle of between 40 and 45 degrees. This angle allows the scissors to be more efficient at cutting thick and curly hair that is common in men's hair.barber scissors

What solution does Leaf Scissors have with barber and hairdresser scissors? 

Leaf Scissors has created scissors that can be used by everyone –so you don't have to worry about which one to use– and has combined that with quality, precision, and finally ergonomics. For quality, Japanese Hitachi stainless steel (high-end, high-hardness, with very good sharpness retention and very high wear and corrosion resistance) has been mixed with Titanium to give longevity to the scissors and provide with the elegance of the black colour. Another difference between barber scissors and hairdresser scissors is the timing of the cut, which implies deciding whether to do it with dry or wet hair, and for this, precision is talked about. Many customers prefer to be in the hands of hairdressers who make their cuts with wet hair because with this technique, the hair tends to come together quicker.  

The dry technique, on the other hand, requires more work and more precision, no matter which one you choose, your cuts will be perfect if you use good tools. When talking about perfection in cuts, it is when we must talk about precision, and that is why the thickness of the blade has been modified in the scissors for straight lines or thinning techniques to be able to work in an extraordinary way. In the texturizing scissors, the space of its teeth has been studied to control that the density of the hair is perfect in each cut, and with the perfect Leaf Scissor razor as well, for the use of dry or wet hair and without losing its cutting capabilities thanks to the high-quality materials with which all these tools for barbers and hairdressers have been made. 

Another important point to highlight is ergonomics, so that you don't end up exhausted after a long day of work. At Leaf Scissors, the balance point of the scissors has been carefully modified to make them an extension of your hand so you can work with lightness and speed. You can use an immense list of tools and different scissors for each of the cuts or maybe you can afford to use only a few tools and take your career to success. 

At Leaf Scissors, we want to help you work in the best way possible, and you also help us with our sustainability model. Did you know that for every pair of scissors you have from our brand, we plant 10 trees? 

Help us be more sustainable with the planet, and we will help you enjoy your work more. 

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