The Different Kinds of Hair Scissors and Their Applications

Different Kinds of Hair Scissors

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Not all hair-cutting scissors can perform the same task or handle the same type of hair. When building your kit, there are many items to choose from, and making the decision can be difficult.

Despite the number of different types of barbering and hairdressing scissors available on the market, have you ever considered the purpose and usage of each one?

This article will assist you in determining which styles will best suit your needs for the best haircuts possible.

So let’s go!

Different Scissors for Different Purposes 

A pair of standard kitchen scissors and a couple of specialty hairdressing scissors will not do the job. Custom hairdressing styles are intended for hair cutting and will be extremely sharp to provide a clean cut.

You don't want to use hair-cutting scissors for housework or vice versa. Hair strands can be damaged when cut with kitchen shears; the only way to repair them is to cut back on the affected area even more.

Similarly, using hairdressing scissors to cut paper, wire, or other items will dull and damage the blades, rendering them ineffective for later hair cutting.

So, what scissors are best for different hair-cutting styles? Don't be concerned; we've got you covered!

The Design of the Scissors

When selecting a pair of scissors, ensure they fit perfectly in your hand and are always comfortable. Otherwise, you may experience pain and be unable to concentrate solely on your client's hair. This is why the shape of your scissors' handle is so important; some shapes are more ergonomic than others. 

The three most popular options are as follows:


Straight scissor is another name for this type of scissor. The upper and lower blades are the same shape; in this case, the handle has a flat level, and the rings are perfectly aligned. It's one of the most popular choices, but the ergonomics are subpar. Straight scissors with thoroughly vertical blades are recommended for deep point cutting techniques.


Offset scissors have slightly angled handles, a shortened shank, and a thumb ring. The top and bottom rings are not in perfect alignment. What is the source of their popularity? It's more ergonomic, and many people prefer it to traditional shears. Offset scissors allow them to more freely adjust their hand movements, especially if they are accustomed to holding the scissors with their ring finger. Offset shears are handy for blunt, vertical, and straight-line cutting.


Some people believe they are an exaggerated version of offset models. Crane shears have a straight blade but a downwardly angled handle shank with a thumb ring. It's the most ergonomic model for reducing fatigue while cutting hair, which is ideal if you don't want to be exhausted after a long day of creating stunning haircuts.

The Different Types of Hair Cutting Scissors and Shears with Their Applications

Let’s take you to the world of scissors:

  • Shears with a swivel
  • Swivel-style hair-cutting shears could become your new go-to piece of equipment if you value your comfort and safety. The thumb hole on this type swivels and can be twisted at an angle. As a result, you can change the position of your wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Swivel shears allow you to cut your hair in a more comfortable place that you can easily adjust to reduce the risk of injuring yourself.

    Anyone who uses scissors frequently will appreciate the versatility of swivel shears.

  • Shears for thinning hair
  • There are two blades on these shears, one with teeth and one without. The teeth on one side aid in separating hair into even sections. The teeth' spacing affects the sections' size, which affects the final effect you achieve by using a specific type of best thinning shear.

    Cutting scissors can be used on almost any type of hair, including long, short, thick, and thin hair. You can use them to remove excess hair weight, blend in lines smoothly, and create a soft, diffused shape.

  • Cutting scissors with a short blade
  • As the name implies, short-blade cutting scissors have blades significantly shorter than other models, which should be no surprise. Precision cutting is familiar with this type.

    Short-bladed scissors are ideal for people with small hands or work with small detailing styles. With the smaller blades, you will have more control over the detailing. This type can be used on any hair type, from thin to thick and everything in between.

  • Cutting scissors with a long blade
  • Cutting scissors with long blades, on the other hand, have long edges. They're famous for a variety of barbering techniques, including over-the-comb.

    Barbers frequently use long blade scissors for over-the-comb techniques that require an extended, straight edge cut. These scissors will be heavier, but they will provide more precise edges on longer lengths. They are appropriate for all hair types, including coarse, wiry, and fine hair.

  • Texturizing Scissors 
  • Although texturizing scissors cut hair in the same way that thinning shears do, they have 30 to 40 sharp teeth for a more dramatic look. Furthermore, this pair of scissors will add volume and texture to styles by making more blunt cuts throughout the hair.

    Different Kinds of Hair Scissors

    Texturizing scissors can help anyone who wants to add volume and texture to their hairstyle. This hairdressing tool can also be used to remove sections of hair to thin out thick and bulky weight, but its main function is to add volume and movement. Texturizing scissors should never be used on curly or wavy hair.

  • Shears for chopping
  • This species has 7 to 15 teeth. This versatile setting can quickly and easily remove excess hair weight. Keep in mind that the wider the spacing, the bolder and more defined the cuts. Proceed with caution, particularly if you are unfamiliar with such items.

    Wrapping It Up!

    Finding the best hair-cutting scissors to use on hair will make a massive difference in how easy it is to cut. You will not be able to achieve the desired straight edges or texture in a hairstyle  without the proper tools. 

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