Top Tips for Left-Handed Hair Stylists

Top Tips for Left-Handed Hair Stylists

When becoming a hairdresser or barber, being left-handed might feel like a bit of a curse. However, with the right tools and training, it can turn out to be the ultimate gift and the perfect source of inspiration. Here are our top tips to help you become a great left-handed hairdresser.

1. Learn Cutting Techniques in The Mirror

When learning to cut hair, you will often watch demonstrations of techniques. There is a high chance that the teacher will be right-handed, making it difficult for you to replicate what they have done.

Try watching the demonstration in a mirror; this will flip the image so you can see the technique from how you would be doing it, making it easy to replicate and understand.

2. Use Left-Handed Hair Scissors

It took our founder, Steve, 5 years to discover that there were specially designed scissors. Do left-handed scissors make a difference? The answer is - absolutely! 

Left-handed scissors have reversed blades so that the top blade is always on the left. This makes it easier to see your cutting line and will ensure your hand pushes the blades together correctly. The reversed blades will also prevent the hair from getting caught between the blades, and instead will make a clean cut. 

It is also more comfortable for your hand, as the scissors are more ergonomically suitable for your natural squeezing movement. You can injure your wrist over time by using right-handed scissors.

Looking for a pair of professional left-handed hair scissors? We have a left-handed option for our scissors, which you can find here.

3. Work on Your Right Side First

When working on the perimeters and baseline of the haircut, start on the right and work your way to the left. For most left-handed stylists, you will be stronger on your right side which will help you to create a solid foundation to start with when creating your guidelines. Overall, your haircut will be much more precise and you will find it easier to work when you start on the right side.

4. Know the Final Destination of Your Hair Cut

Studies have shown that left-handed people work and think differently to right-handed people. Often when completing a task, left-handed people find it easier to think about the end result and work their way backwards. For hairdressers, this means that you should think of the final look of your haircut, and think of all the steps you need to get there before you start.

5. Embrace Your Uniqueness 

Around 12% of people in the UK are left-handed, and the same goes for the hairdressing industry. It can be hard being a left-handed hairdresser in a right-handed world, but it is important to stick your ground and not let people make you do things their way. 

Always make sure you have the resources you need to learn and work best for you. Studies have also shown that left-handed people are more creative - embrace this and use this to your advantage!

Left Handed Scissors from LEAF Scissors

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of left-handed scissors that are reliable and of great quality, then why not try Leaf Scissors? 

Did you know our founder, Steve, is left-handed, too? Our scissors feature an ergonomic design and are created by (lefthanded) hairdressers, for hairdressers. So we know exactly what you need.

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